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Note from the GYAA President

As our 2023 season winds down and we move into playoffs I wanted to take a moment to reach out to all players and parents with a few reminders -

1. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for mistreating any umpire affiliated with GYAA. All umpires in our league are high schoolers with a love and passion for the game of baseball and we would like to continue to foster these relationships. 

2. The umpires have full authority to mange their field, players and coaches. Per the Dixie League - 9.01–(a) Any umpire’s decision which involves judgment, such as, but not limited to, whether a batted ball is fair or foul, whether a pitch is a strike or a ball, or whether a runner is safe or out, is final. No player, manager, coach or substitute shall object to any such judgment decisions.

3. Please remember that we are out on these fields every night to be the example for every player and to allow them a safe place to play a sport they love or are learning to love. 

4. Lastly - this is a YOUTH organization, run by volunteers, and should be treated as such. 

Good luck to everyone as they wrap up their seasons!



Goochland Youth Athletic Association (GYAA)

For nearly five decades, the Goochland Youth Athletics Association has been providing sports participation opportunities for the youth of our county.  These programs have instilled character, built confidence and made lasting memories for the kids and families involved.  

GYAA is an all-volunteer, 501C3 organization striving to make a difference through sports in Goochland.  

Goochland Youth Athletic Association

2023 Updated Game Schedule

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UPDATED: 2023 Game Schedule

Always a Beautiful Night at Hidden Rock Park